the Provincial Interior Decoration

  • the business sector will go to investigate and deal with the other as "China first", " "The first of the country," such advertising extreme language is prohibited to use, as well as "CCTV list brand" is purely illusory, also clean up the list of public decoration spoiled a cost of the industry.

    blindly seeking extravagant , Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Interior Decoration Association, the current public renovation process in the home there are all kinds of errors, there The amount of waste of the phenomenon.He moved to the new home of the people.

    Liu Xiaoguang in the last 3 months after the renovation, calculated a distressed economic account.Liao Xiaoguang purchased the new home for the 90 square meters, decoration cost 150,000 yuan, which wasted Liu Xiaoguang said, buy a new home which has been inside the steel doors and windows,

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