year will focus

  • decline in the domestic industry performance, although difficult to turn Profit, but also enhance the cohesion of the Union and the confidence of the market. Off-season market share of the country's promotional activities, to bring more benefits to consumers, but in the '11' behind, reflects the plate traders in the market in the exploration

    and forward. Aige plate this year will focus on improving the level of technology products, the new color more. In addition, real furniture, Elvis, such as the addition of furniture to love grid Legion is more powerful. Zhong Hongwen said, love grid plate in the Chinese market share can not be considered too high, mainly aimed at the

    furniture industry, high-end products, and the past few years love grid board prices, this route is not suitable for large-scale expansion of the market Share. And the representative of the domestic particleboard brand Jilin Sen Lushui River launched a 'low-cost expansion', that is, with other sheet metal manufacturing enterprises in a

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