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  • In order to care for the various fabrics that make beach wedding dresses up your wardrobe, most garments come with a care-label. This tag tells you what the fabric is and whether it should be dry-cleaned or if it is suitable for machine laundering. Saving the tag may save you the expense of dry-cleaning a garment that is completely washable, or ruining one by washing it when it should have been dry-cleaned.Banning masks in protests and demonstrations will present difficulties. When does a group of people become a “demonstration” or a “protest”? Will Muslim women get a pass in a protest involving Islamic interests? Religion cannot trump democracy (and in any case by now a myriad of Muslim religious authorities have pronounced face covering a merely cultural, not a religious custom). The freedom to “dress” as you please has always been hedged in public places. And a mask is an accessory, not an article of clothing.The success of Baby Phat goes entirely to its owner, Kimora, whose personal classy and casual style exudes from its range of clothing. Its classic feline logo has become a household name.There are literally thousands of great Weight loss programs out there, however have you ever given up on a diet or not followed it through due to a severe lack of motivation? This article will provide you with some much needed Weight Loss Motivation Tips:-“The only illusion if is you think it was her choice. One in 6 women are victims of abuse,” the ad continues. “Stop abuse against women.”“They played with accessories,” she explained, “and didn’t take it all too seriously.”Neither do the Charlotte Olympia shoe designs. One grouping of velvet strappy shoes or pumps, for example, comes in a variety of clear-coloured Lucite heel choices — chartreuse, amethyst and fuchsia and have a line of poetry by Lord Byron inscribed, barely visible, inside the heel. ‘They’re bold but simple,” she demurred. “I casual wedding dresses try never to make a black shoe and when I do, it comes afterwards. Those came with matching stockings in the box so if you got the purple heel, you got the purple stockings.”Jason RehelJanuary 12, 20149:52 pmEarlier Sunday night: Michael Mosberg and HBO Girls’ actor Jemima Kirke hit the red carpet at the Golden Globes. (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)Absolutely. At least Quebec, or Premier Pauline Marois, has the intestinal fortitude to express her feelings publicly. I believe the majority of Canadians of European extraction have similar feelings but are reluctant to state so for fear of the backlash from the politically correct. Quebec, as well as the rest of Canada should extend the ban to all places outside of the home and places of worship, especially in schools.Or take an?example from the ’90s in which Greer vociferously opposed a prestigious University of Cambridge fellowship for Rachael Padman after learning the latter received sex-reassignment surgery.Debauchery isn’t cheap. At bachelor parties, Armando Guedez’s friends call him “the banker.” That’s because the 31-year-old Toronto resident doesn’t drink much.If you want to go for a sweet and sophisticated look that is rolled into one, then the braided bun is for you. All you need to do is tuck and twist your do up. The braided bun is fit for a seaside party or a much fascinating ballroom affair.This tradition also has roots coming from biblical times, because the "Church" was instructed to don in a white dress as a symbol of its purity as the "Bride of Christ." Christian women often believe that a bride must not wear a white dress if she is beginning a second marriage or if she is not pure. This is an interesting belief because the "purity" of the church is actually supposed to come from Christ. I Want To Be Her by Andrea Linett (Harry wedding dress designers N. Abrams, $21.95) The former Sassy and Lucky magazine staffer started her own site chronicling the casual envy and style tips, in illustrated fashion, of the friends and people who surround her. The book gathers these and adds to them, with tips on how to make the look of that perfect stranger whose outfit impressed you on the morning commute your very own.I have to say here, though, that it’s difficult for me to even pick apart the faults with what The Pizza Underground are doing, because that involves some modicum of taking it seriously. And I just can’t — not that anyone else actually is. Or maybe that’s not fair: Maybe these dudes and dudettes are really dedicated to their vision of discovering words that sort of rhyme and thinking that awkwardly screwing around with the English language is making some greater statement about, like, postmodernism or whatever. Maybe they even think it’s entertaining! Or maybe, somewhere, the kid from Home Alone is laughing over all the ink that’s been spilled about this joke he and his friends came up with while stoned and eating pizza and listening to the Velvet Underground.Nearly half of the city’s 2,550 hotel rooms stood empty last year compared with a third in 2014, as did camps in the muskeg and boreal forest surrounding the city that housed tens of thousands of the fly-in-fly-out workers.The soldiers were truly shocked: “Our soldiers have seen the two-storey suburban houses with electricity, gas, bathrooms and beautifully tended gardens. Our people have seen the villas of the rich bourgeoisie in Berlin, the unbelievable luxury of castles, estates and mansions. And thousands of soldiers repeat these angry questions when they look around them in Germany: ‘But why did they come to us? What did they want?'”