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It features a button-up double breasted jacket, a black shirt with tie hooked up, and a pair of pin stripe pants. The jacket has two faux pockets and could be buttoned for full closure. This costume may be very comfy and will simply facilitate the gangster walking round his neighborhood to intimidate those who dare to challenge him. The pants have an elastic waistband. There are sizes to suit most men. The fabric is very cool and versatile. This costume makes an excellent buy.Are you hesitating on finding a perfect formal gown for your 2011 events? Well, here we go! Let?s talk about how to find the most beautiful and fantastic prom dresses. In many areas, the weather can be unpredictable in April. But don?t let this deter you from an April wedding. If you?re planning for an outdoor wedding, make sure you have some indoor space available in case the April showers loom. Make a note on your invitation about your ?plan b? so guests know where to go in the event of inclement weather.