Celtics rookie Jason tatum has his NBA debut

  • If you really want to pick one of the most watched teams this summer, be the eastern Celtic. Began trading away from the starting point guard Bradley, in the first round of the no. 3 sign of duke university selected Jason tatum, four years to $128 million from jazz to Gordon hayward, when people think Danny ainge operation has come to an end, the celtics and trading to kaili - Michael Owen. The celtics' moves have made them one of the most anticipated teams of the new season Rocket League Items.

    The new celtics have also been able to beat the hornets 94-82 in their first game of the season. Green army coach Stevens for team performance also made a summary of the game, he said: "the defense is good, but I don't think the offense we performance close to the position we want to achieve. This team has a high ceiling, so there's plenty of room for improvement."

    Owen's debut only played in the first half, contributing nine points, four rebounds, three assists and two steals. "We are building a foundation, we created a lot of shots, a lot of rebound, we must continue to maintain the stability of the efforts," Owen said, "I'm good, I feel like entered a totally different stage, is really let me open horizon."

    In addition, in the game against the hornets, and the celtics rookie Jason tatum welcomed his NBA debut, he on 32 minutes, 4 of 11 shots get 9 points and five assists, five rebounds and two steals. For his first game, tatum said he felt good and excited. Tomorrow away against the 76ers, Owen, horford, hayward and others also have to play well.

    The 76ers, like the celtics, are also expected. On the draft this year, 76 people with top sign, darfur is selected, the new season 76 three young core of darfur and simmons, bede is expected to appear on the field at the same time, combined with riddick, corvington and emeka okafor player in the team, the long plagued by injury, the team's time to live up to their talent.