How Can I Login in Facebook Without Knowing A Password?

  • Facebook, being the best social media of all times; has some security policies that keep the user relieved after sharing the personal information. The restrictions are being applied to secure the Facebook account from any kind of hacking activities.

    People; generally have questions in their mind, “ Can I login into Facebook without knowing the password? Absolutely not .. How can anyone make this possible? Facebook is quite stringent with the policies formulated from their end. Even Facebook customer support helps anyone in this case.

    In case, any user forgets the password or it gets hacked all of the sudden, the scenario is entirely different. Facebook technical support help desk experts have suggested certain strategies in such cases to regain access  to Fb account


    Now Regain Access to Facebook account in case it is hacked

    Open a web browser and type

    Once the page is displayed, click on the button “ My Account is Compromised”

    As the new page appears on the device screen, enter the authentic email address or phone number or full name.

    Press the search button doing this, you are redirected to a new page where it asks for the password you remember.

    Once you type the password, press continues button.

    Now the page is displayed, in which text appears “The password you entered was not valid.”

    Reading this  you must be sure that Facebook account has actually been compromised or hacked by a person from an unknown location

    You will also find the button ‘Reset My password’

    Press the same doing which a security code is sent to the recovery email address or phone, which ever option you find feasible to derive the same.

    Enter the code and get it verified  

    Once done, you are asked to provide the new password

    As you do it, press enter and get redirected to Facebook news feed page


    In case you face any troubles, contact Facebook Help desk service to get instant help when it matters the most.

    Now Regain Access to Facebook account in case of Forgotten Password

    Access Facebook login dashboard and click on the link ‘forgotten password’.

    Enter the email address or full name or phone number to search the Facebook account.

    As you provide the same, two options appear on the screen to reset the Facebook password.

    Click on the radio button of any of the options you feel feasible to get verification code  either on phone or through email

    Once the verification code is provided, enter the same in the box and get it validated.

    Once validated, click on continue and you are asked to type the new password.

    As you do the same press enter and get redirected to Facebook news feed page without any hurdle.


    Though there is no trouble applying any of these two methods mentioned below, technical discrepancies occur all of the sudden and create trouble for the users. Now it’s quite feasible for the users to contact certified experts through Facebook support number if available on the web before it gets too late. 

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