Privacy Statement

CGACC Social Network processes your personal data in conformity with this privacy policy and with the strict rules of USA data protection legislation.

This privacy policy is a part of our Terms & Conditions and should be read carefully, as it specifies which rights you have and how you can exercise your rights. Any use of the website implies the entire acceptance of this privacy policy.

Types of personal data we collect
Public information uploaded by you:
* information in your profile, blogs, shouts, pictures, videos, events, music, links
* messages sent to other users, as well as ratings, shouts and contributions to another user's guestbook
* links to your friends and groups

Private information uploaded by you:
* settings and administrative data such as your username and password, skin, logs, credits and shortcuts
* your privacy settings, whitelist and blacklist

History and logs
* time, date and URL of all CGACC Social Network pages visited by you
* the URL of the referring websites
* the searches your perform on the website
* technical information regarding your internet browser and computer

Purposes for which we use your personal data
We use your personal data to:
publish the information intended to be made public by you, under the conditions specified in your privacy settings
allow you to correctly use the website in accordance with your settings
perform general customer administration
end you communications about the website, as well as our other products and services 3

generate anonymous statistics about the (users of the) website, to improve the website or convey statistical information to third parties

Storage term and location
CGACC Social Network applies the following storage terms:
Information uploaded by you: stored during a period of 6 months after you delete this information, or delete your account. (Note: you can stop your account at any time. If you do not log in on your account during a period of two years, your account will be deleted automatically.)
History and logs: stored during a period of 6 months after the history item or log event was created
Cookies: cookies used on the website have a maximum lifetime of 100 days.
Your personal data may be stored in a country outside the USA.
How your personal data are shared with third parties
Third parties can access all information intended to be made public by you, under the conditions specified in your privacy settings.
We hate spam as much as you do. Your e-mail address is never shared by us with any third party.
For the purpose of targeted advertisements, we share your browser type, IP address, current and previous URL you are visiting (and search query), age, gender, and geographical location with our advertisement provider. This information may subsequently be used by other websites for the display and management of targeted advertisements.
We never share any of your other personal data with any third party, unless you give your explicit ermission.
We may, however, provide access to your personal data in case of illegal use, or when we receive orders from legal authorities.

Cookies and web-bugs
The website uses cookies to identify you as a user of the website, to remember your preferred language and to facilitate navigation on the website.
You can disable cookies in your internet browser, although some parts of the website will then no longer function correctly.
Your rights
You can get access to your personal data free of charge (and correct it, or have it corrected, where relevant).
You can object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.